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My aim is to provide the best services a band needs to thrive and achieve their goals. Either you need visual works such as lyrics videos, stream videos, logos or art in general, or need my advices to grow your fanbase and be a better band !


A dynamic way to showcase a song at low cost. People are tired of watching simple karaoke style lyrics videos and would rather watch a nicely paced music videos packed with action and nicely done animations !


On a budget ? Stream Videos are great to let people hear and see your song ! Add an atmosphere, a certain mood or a feeling to a basic video by demonstrating your universe through a stream video that will define your branding. 


A good logo is the start of a good branding. Having an original and personnal logo is key if you want to stand out !


An artwork can be used to illustrate an album cover, a single, a tour, a flyer or anything actually. Keep in mind that I'm also making full visual branding or anything design related (business cards, promo materials, banners, etc ..).



Let me help you build your communication and branding from 0 to 100 with you ! For more infos, send me a message and let's have a call.

Online Presence

We will work on what's best for you to grow your fan base online, through Social Networks, SEO, mailing and even with physical tool ! This will result on landing cool tours, work with great people from various fields and even getting the attention of labels. It only depends of you !

Branding and Visual Identity

Your project needs to be recognized as professional to make great things, and it starts in the branding. From your visual identity to the way you structure your posts, the font you'll use and the effects you include in your visuals, we will work together on everything you need to have the best looks and the higher chance to reach your ideal audience !


"Just a guy from France"

I'm Max Desgarnier I live in Bordeaux, France. I'm currently 24 and I'm a full time entrepreneur in multiple fields such as Videos & Designs of course, but I'm also the owner of an e-commerce shop and manager of Matthieu Kirby a great producer I highly recommend you to work with.

I'm the leader and singer of Back Garden Light that I've been managing since it started in 2014. I learned AND still learn A LOT from BGL.
With more than a 100 shows around the world (Japan, UK, Russia, Europe ...), more than 300k plays and 20k followers accross all our plateformes I thrive developping my band and other bands in the same time by sharing my knowledge ! 

I graduated of a 4 years study in the visual communication field,  I'm currently learning marketing from a couple of courses and working on different projects. 

If you wanna know more about me, just hit me up on my personnal Facebook or you could also follow me on Insta !


Write a quick message about you and your needs! I'll make sure to answer you in the next 24 hours with a quote if needed :)

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